Our company, which works with the principle of quality guaranteed business on time, aims to be the solution partner of its customers in the sector. Our company, which continues to serve with its 25 years of experience in the sector, has signed many successful projects. Aiming to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level without compromising on quality and technology, with its modern management approach and experienced personnel, KOCALİFT, which aims to be a sought-after and preferred company in the hydraulic cylinder and energy sectors, continues by taking firm steps by always targeting the best. Our company, which has been a solution partner to many leading brands of the sector since its establishment, has aimed to add value to its partners every time. 

 We have an effective production and service capacity in hydraulic cylinders. Along with providing services for all hydraulic cylinder development, repair, maintenance and revision operations. system main groups were also increased in services.
-Special Optional Hydraulic Cylinders

-Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders
Dam Gates Hydraulic Cylinders
Concrete Pump Hydraulic Cylinders
700 Bar Hydraulic Cylinders
Mining Industry Hydraulic Cylinders
Mining Industry Hydraulic Cylinders
Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Maintenance Revision
Construction Machinery Hydraulic Cylinders

Our Vision

To be a company that adds value to all our stakeholders with the awareness of our economic and social responsibilities. To identify problems in the areas we operate and to create solutions, to contribute to the sharing of experience and knowledge. We have adopted the principle of always striving to show the best performance, using our resources wisely, creating unlimited customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and being able to move quickly to practices based on change.

Our Mission

To increase the quality in the areas we serve in the hydraulic sector, to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront, to follow the developments in the world closely and to ensure that they are applied in our country, to carry out studies that will contribute to the development of the profession and the sector. By following the rapid changes and developments in the global market, to ensure quality safety in our products with the concept of "zero defect" in quality. 


We offer quality innovative service for all our manufactured products. We provide added value to our business partners and our industry by constantly improving our personnel, machinery and quality standards in order to respond to sectoral demands. 


We aim to create awareness with our knowledge and experience by reflecting our knowledge and experience that we have gained in the sector in a period of nearly a quarter of a century, to every stage of production. We are constantly improving ourselves by closely following technology and engineering innovations.


Our intention is to have a commercial environment that will satisfy our customers by adopting the same care and quality in all stages of production, sales and after-sales.

Our Quality Policy

As a follower of new technological developments with the principle of continuous development and change, Kocalift is constantly working to respond to the demands and needs of its customers in the field of hydraulic cylinders needed by the sector, and to meet world-class demands in the fastest way. In order to continuously monitor the needs and expectations of the sector, to direct the processes according to the obtained data, to train the employees according to new processes, and to quickly design and deliver the right product expected by the sector to the customer." Our production and service policy is to direct the demands of the market by producing technological and quality products.

Why Are We The Best?

Our company, which has been serving with its experience and knowledge of more than 25 years in the sector since its establishment. It provides service with the principles of high quality, customer satisfaction, innovative approach and on-time delivery. With its engineering skills, production capacity and experience, it is a solution producer for the hydraulic cylinders needed by the industry.

Professional Team

We define the user needs correctly and offer you new, improved and long-life performance products in line with the demands in the field.

Quick Installation

With our experience, we have high production capacity and competence to meet the needs and demands of the sector, we offer fast and quality solutions and spare services for our partners.

Creating Quality and Solutions

We are always with our manufacturer with the experience we have gained from our production, sales, installations and most importantly from the users in our sector.